All further information in this page requires the channel to have at least one deploy key assigned. However there are currently no deploy groups/keys assigned to this channel, so it will not be possible to authenticate.
Upload API V3! This page documents the upload API version 3. The older version 2 API is still present and working. For more information also see the readme.

It is possible to upload to this channel by making a PUT or POST request to the following URLs:


Note: it is required to perform Basic Authentication using one of the assigned deploy keys. The password must be the deploy key token. The user name is ignored.

For more information about the Upload API V3 also see the .

Jenkins Plugin

There is a Package Drone Jenkins plugin available which can automate this process. The plugin has to be installed in the originating Jenkins instance.


Using the command line tool curl you can deploy the file my.jar in the local directory to this channel:

curl -X PUT --data-binary @my.jar

If you want to set the provided meta data field test:foo to bar add these as request parameters:

curl -X PUT --data-binary @my.jar